Future Applications 

Our technology will enable proactive remediation strategies

  • Proactive Underground Storage Tank (UST) Remediation

  • Eliminating produced water and tailing ponds

  • Treatment of portable waste collection tanks (porta potties, RVs, etc.)

  • On-site treatments of airline wastewater collected by airports

  • Pulp and paper water reuse *This is the largest industry sector for water use.

  • Bio-fuel production from waste sugars

  • Emissions recovery and repurposing

  • Soil management in place of fertilizers and chemicals

  • Water treatment for enhancement of livestock health and production.

  • Aquaponics - grow quicker, bigger, and healthier products

Gas stations and underground storage tanks

under gas station-02-02.png

Simple monitoring detects leaks and initiates our technology, stopping the spread of the contaminant and preventing a larger clean up later.